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Ruminations of an Afterlife

Pretty Spry for a Dead Guy

Thomas Ashley Littleton
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Birthday November 29th

Birthday September 3rd

What can I say, I'm a lucky man...

Peter/Thomas TheirLoveIsSoMonkey

Thomas/Kat is Doomed Love

Thomas/Spectre is Sweet Love

Thomas/Mary is Forever Love

This journal is for RPG purposes only, and is not affiliated with Hugh Jackman in any way. Though I'd affiliate with him any time! darker_london
adam's dress knowledge, angel anna, babies and things, batdeirdre, being a fatherless waif, being a namesake, being thomas david's namesake, bianca isabelle, bonita kathleen whitney, brother stuart, darling little kait, davidface, jax panic, joe the man, kat's doodoodoodoodoo, kat's everything, kat's eyes, kat's face, kat's hair, kat's hands, kat's pants, kissing in the rain, little ellie, little lydia, living yogurt, liz's revenge!, mary, mary's everything, maryscreams, miss aly, mmmm spectre, my husband, my miss mary, my mum!, my singing bianca, my wife, not burning peter, not graheme, ow that's my skin, peter gabriel kemp, peter tasting like tunajuice, peter's hair, peter's richboy jacket pockets, renee the beautiful, robert's pants!, spectre mors, spectre's everything, svetlana's smiley nose wrinkles, tasting like calamari, the ocean!, tiny babies!, young caleb, young julian, yumyumyum!, zoe rei